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Southampton Confidential Waste Disposal

Does your company require private waste disposal? Have waste that’s not fit for selling to the stores but you are concerned they may be sold on the car boot if not disposed of correctly? We can take this waste and destroy them but at the same time recycling the merchandise 100%. Just call our team in Southampton today for a free quote.

We can offer a private disposal route for businesses which then ensures complete security for the company and peace of mind for you your merchandise does not reenter the market place.

Do you have some old/damaged stock that you just don’t need back on the open market? We can offer our services such as:- Shredding, Deep burial, Incineration etc. These stocks could be shampoo products, drinks or anything with a worth.

Do not put yourself at risk of identity theft. Let us take your important papers and have them shredded and then recycled.

Do not sit there and spend hours over that office shredder. Just tote all your papers in strong plastic bags which we provide free of charge and Waste Management Southampton will do the rest for you saving time and cash. We can help you securely dispose of

Legal documents
Account information
Bank information
Wage reports
Anything with your name and address on it!


Call out experts today on 023 8181 9880 for a free quote on our services.

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