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Food waste is food that’s thrown away or can not be used. The causes of food waste are vast, and can occur at any periods of:


Food waste will occur as food is made, this often can not be helped. When manufacturing takes place matters can go wrong i.e. the food can be out of speck for the retailer or the uncooked ingredients are incorrect at the time of creation, so the entire batch is wasted.

Food that’s good after creation can be wasted during the packing procedure or machine breakdowns which can contaminate food.


Whilst food is packaged well for transport to stop damage until it gets to the shops, retail stores can throw away vast numbers before the use by date. Food that’s past its sell or use by date is normally still edible during the period of disposal.



Food waste can be biodegraded by composting and reused to fertilise land.

Anaerobic digestion

Anaerobic digestion produces methane that is burned to generate electricity.

Animal feed

Food scraps and slops are sometimes fed to animals on farms if the food isn’t contaminated or unsuitable for feeds.

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