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The waste collection services our local team provides can ensure that all of your business’s waste is collected on time and disposed of in an environmentally-responsible manner. Call our team today for a free quote.

Waste Management Southampton is among the United Kingdom ‘s leading waste and resource management firms. Our strategy is to minimise the quantity of waste that ends up in landfill by transforming it into useful resources wherever possible.

We provide a variety of services, from collecting company and municipal waste to recycling and processing, and the generation of green energy from waste. We’ve got the scale, the expertise along with the experience to satisfy all your waste management needs, saving you time, effort and cash. So whatever your waste and no matter what the sum, we can handle it and help turn your waste to resource. And with more than 200 places round the United Kingdom, the possibilities are we’ll have a facility near you.

Health & Safety Assurance Certification

We’re extremely pleased to have received our Health & Safety assurance certification for the European Health & Safety week this year

Waste Management Southampton has an on-going commitment to health and safety in the workplace; we continue to review our processes and procedures and implement awareness programmes for all employees. We’re always looking to enhance the way we handle health and safety.

Our perspective is simple: we never lose sight of the possible hazards which exist in the workplace. The importance of keeping ourselves, our customers and our visitors safe while they are at work is at the centre of our business values.

Health & Safety Policy

Waste Management Southampton is really on the leading Environmental providers in the UK. We are devoted to achieving high performance through the company and needs to ensure compliance with all applicable Health & Safety legislation and other requirements to which Waste Management Southampton subscribe to.

Waste Management Southampton consider that all employees have a right to work in a secure and healthy environment, and intends to execute our company without getting employees, or our visitors, health or physical well being at risk by;

The common-sense management of Health & Safety, is the responsibility of the Waste Management Southampton’s board of directors and also the executive committee, through to the appropriate management levels and every person to ensure their very own Health & Safety and that of their co-workers.

Supplying appropriate and adequate information, instruction, training, oversight and tracking to enable staff comply with this particular Health & Safety policy;

Supplying a harmless and Healthy working environment, including the provision of safe usage of; plant, gear, systems of work and for the safe use, handling, storage and transportation of materials and substances;

Consultation with, and participation of the work force in Health & Safety issues identified within the company;

Supplying appropriate training to encourage a heightened competence to assess and restrain the dangers related to work activities undertaken at Waste Management Southampton premises or by Waste Management Southampton personnel;

Providing analysis of all reported events and work related “ill health” events, take suitable action to stop harm to staff, our neighbours as well as the people, to commence appropriate event reduction initiatives to always reduce our event rates;

Publishing a number of Health & Safety associated objectives and targets for the company, predicated on the aforementioned analysis, which will be suitably cascaded, for implementation in the company;

Supplying appropriate policies to ensure that only qualified contractors and providers are employed by Waste Management Southampton.

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